Wrap Skirt

Hey everyone,

It has been pretty warm here lately since the rain has stopped so I'm ready to bust out the spring clothes! I snagged this gorgeous wrap skirt from Nordstrom and I love how flowy it is, and that I can wear it with a regular tee as shown or even a sweater. I also really love the pink color that it comes in as well. 

Last week was pretty busy but mostly fun! I went to see the movie Logan and it was so good! I also went to see the Cirque du Soleil show Luzia (which was amazing!), and got to do some shopping and spend time with a lot of my girl friends! 

Side note: A friend of mine has gotten me into the show Vampire Diaries and after binge watching it whenever I can I'm obsessed! I'm only on season 3 though so no spoilers! I have also been keeping up with my shows The Walking Dead, Call the Midwife, and This Is Us :) 

Also, as some of you probably saw on my FB and IG, I got my eyebrows microbladed a week and a half ago and I loooooovvvvveeee them! If you don't know what it is, microblading is similar to tattooing; they use a microblade to carve hair-like strokes in whatever shape/style you want, and it can last up to 1 1/2 years depending on your skin! My initial appointment took 3 hours as I did a full reconstruction, then I'll come back for a touch up in 4-6 weeks. It stung a little, but didn't really hurt since they use numbing solution...but they were sore the rest of the day. You also can not get them wet for 2 weeks and can not pick the scabs that flake off, so that's been a little hard, but overall so worth it! You can look up Eliza at "onpoint.brows" on IG; I was referred to her by a friend; she works in Walnut Creek and Salt Lake City! :) 

                           Nordstrom tee here, skirt here, TJ Maxx sandals (old), similar here


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