Holiday Parties 2016

Hello everyone!

I shared a few pics on IG and FB, but I thought I'd share some more on here; we got to go to two work holiday parties this year, one at the Exploratorium in SF, and the other at City Hall in SF. Both were amazing of course, but the one at City Hall was my favorite!
The first party was Wizard of Oz themed which was pretty cool! There was a band and food set up on one end of the museum, and a movie screen playing the actual movie on the other end, with open bars and all the museum displays in between. We spent most of the time waiting in lines for food and pictures haha but also checking out the museum.
The second party at City Hall was even more extravagant- they had waiters holding out trays of champagne for you as you walked in, a giant Christmas tree upstairs, and amazing food throughout the area. One side of the hall had dinner food and live piano music, and the other side had all kinds of delicious desserts and a dance floor with a live band/DJ. The band at this party was awesome, we ended up dancing quite a bit this time! We also ran into a few friends at this party so that was nice as well :) My favorite foods were the steak/mashed potatoes, shrimp, prosciutto and cheeses, macarons, bread pudding, and deep fried mac n cheese bites!
I wore the same dress for both parties, but the first party was on a Friday after work so I had to hurry and do my own makeup/hair, whereas the second party I got my hair done at the Drybar (first time!) and makeup done by a friend :)

Watching Wizard of Oz on the screen

mood lighting

                                                            Dress: Asos, Heels: Windsor


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