Walt Disney Museum & Pigeon Point

Hey all!

This month has already been so busy! Last Monday (Labor Day), we went up to SF to visit the Walt Disney history museum, which I highly recommend! It's so interesting and they do a great job with all of the displays beginning with his birth up until his death. While in the city, we ended up crossing paths with some girls that were visiting, two from Australia and one from Canada, when we all tried to make it to Mr. Holme's Bakehouse but they had sold out when we got there! :(  we all ended up at the same brunch place, Sweet Maple, (which was delicious!) and got to talking while we waited in line for almost an hour lol...anyhoo, we shared a table with them and it was so neat meeting some awesome random people!
My birthday was also this week (which I was dreading), and it ended up being great! Some good friends of mine ended up "kidnapping" me and threw me a surprise party with some amazing food! I felt so loved! :) my co-workers brought me a gift card and cupcakes, and then I went out to a nice dinner later and grabbed some goodies from Sephora :)
This past weekend, we headed over to Pigeon Point to see the lighthouse and a few beaches along the way; the lighthouse is not operating currently, but it was still neat to see! We stopped in half moon bay for lunch and dinner; On our way home, we spotted this gorgeous B&B near Main Street in half moon bay and had to snap a few pics!
Hope you all had a great week! Here are some pics below of the past week :)

                                                         Jacket: Wet Seal (old), similar

How many drawings it took for one cartoon!

First drawing of Mickey!

                                                   Display of Walt's vision of Disneyland

Delicious Fondue!

                                                             Top: Nordstrom, similar

                                                              Sweater:Asos, similar


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