Coit Tower, Steiner, & Ghiradelli Square

Hello and yes, another post about SF ;)
We visited Ghiradelli Square this time (but resisted the desserts) due to wanting lunch first and the lines being we have already had some of their crazy rich desserts before in Monterey. I do highly recommend it though if you are visiting SF and haven't had one of their delicious sundae's before! Before we made it down there, we decided to try the famous $4 toast at The was OK, nothing amazing though lol.
We also visited the famous Steiner street and house where Mrs. Doubtfire was filmed! That movie is one of my all time faves, it seriously makes me laugh every time, so I was pretty excited to see it in person :) They had a tree with some rocks surrounding where people had written messages in Robin William's memory which was very neat but also sad. The houses all around that area are absolutely gorgeous and huge, so I walked around and took some pics.
Later we visited the Coit Tower and went to the top; the view was amazing and the wind was blowing some crazy fog across the bay which made for some cool pictures! We then went for some hot cocoa and treats at Dandelion Chocolate on the way home, which was delicious but oh so rich! Let's just say my tummy wasn't too happy after haha oops!

Sweater: Gap, similar Here, Jeans: Express, Flats: Nordstrom, similar here, Sunnies: Nordstrom, similar here


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