Spring Forward

Hello and happy Spring!

We are getting a bit of a warm streak here in the Bay Area (It's 80 today and supposed to be 90 tomorrow!) which I am trying to soak up as much as I can before it drops back down to the 60's and rain's this coming weekend :(

Ok so we've seen quite a few movies the past few weekends, including: Room, 10 Cloverfield Lane, Batman vs. Superman, Zootopia, and Midnight Special. I highly recommend all of them...except for Batman vs. Superman (kinda)....it was OK ;) haha. Room and Midnight Special were my faves! 
Also, if any of you watch The Walking Dead, talk about frustrating season finale!!! So annoyed lol! 

Anyhoo... I was so excited to wear this outfit, it's one of those that is on your mind for a while until you finally wear it cuz it's so cute! :) I love every single piece of this outfit but these flats are to die for! As soon as I saw them on sale I had to have them in my life! ;) Plus they are pretty comfortable even for the first time wearing them! (As a side note, I use Band-Aid's friction block on my feet sometimes with not-so comfortable flats and heels and it works pretty well).

Top: Red Dress Boutique, Jeans: Express Flats: Urbanog, Clutch: Purple Peridot 


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