Europe trip!

Well hello lovelies!

We are finally back from our trip and therefore finally getting back into our routine and blogging!

We first stayed in Paris for 3 days and we did as much as possible in those 3 days that we could! The first night we were there we went on a boat tour around the river and it was so pretty seeing everything lit up! We had just gotten off of a 3 hour train ride and a 10 hour plane ride before that but we were so excited to be there we didn't care ;) we then toured and climbed to the top of Notre Dame, went to the Eiffel Tower, Sácre-Coeur, walked around the Louvre, and ate lots of crepes, gelato, and macaroons! Here are some pics:

Cardigan (similar), Blouse (similar), Jeans 

The next 8 days we spent in London for hubby's design festival (the main reason for the trip). We stayed in an amazing hotel and had more delicious food; we went to MANY museums, some for the festival and some for fun; saw lots of art, street performers, and of course did the touristy activities like going on the London eye, seeing Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, and the London bridge. We were busy the whole trip and even though I got a nasty cold it was still nice to getaway and leave all of our stress and worries for a while :)

                                                             Top, Jeans (posted above)


  1. Our event could not have gone more smoothly. Huge thanks to the amazing managers for their consummate professionalism and outstanding hospitality. We look forward to many more years at these lovely venues here.

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