Blush Kimono Dress


Well it's been a busy week, and lots of changes have been happening at work as I'm sure many of you have heard/seen on social media and what not; but overall everything's been going great! We had a few parties at work this week, including an awesome Harry Potter movie/party night! They had everything decorated so cute and had snacks and people playing quidditch; how awesome is that!?


I originally saw this dress on the beautiful Cara Loren's blog and fell in love with it immediately! When I looked for it online it was on sale but sold out but I stalked the website for a few days and luckily one small came back in stock and I snatched it! Unfortunately they are still sold out but here are a few links for similar dresses:

Similar 1

Similar 2

                                               Asos Dress, Forever 21 Earrings (old)


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