Floral Bodycon

I couldn't wait to bust out this gorgeous dress for summer! It is definitely one of my favorites so I couldn't wait till it was hot out so I had a reason to wear it :) I love how soft and stretchy the material is, and that its modest (minus the slit in the back which I just wore a slip for). It was also under $40 which makes it even better! I found this dress through a boutique on Instagram called Evadette when they were first starting and I automatically fell in love with a handful of their dresses so I bought this and another gorgeous one (stay tuned) ;) They even sent me a very sweet personalized card and cute little ring along with my package! They have definitely earned my business! 

Evadette Boutique dress, Calvin Klein via TJ Maxx heels, Forever 21 earrings, NYX butter lipstick 


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