Memorial weekend

I know I'm late on this post but it has been a busy week!
Last weekend we decided to go to the Golden Gate Bridge since we hadn't been there yet and it was gorgeous! It was pretty windy but very clear so hubby was picture happy :) we didn't realize how much walking we were doing until afterwards when our legs and feet were aching! We definitely took advantage of being in the city though and headed over to mission to have Brazilian for lunch and Mexican for dinner; so good!
On Monday we decided to go to six flags since it might be our only chance for a while and we had a blast! We rode all the coasters of course, saw all the animals, including the dolphin show (which was amazing!) and had funnel cake, roasted corn on the cob, and BBQ :) it was a tiring weekend but fun. We did take a little advantage of the sales as well :)
I of course didn't forget to thank my family members who have served our country in various branches of the military and thankfully stayed safe :)


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