Floral blouse

Good evening!

So I know I haven't posted in a little while, but between work, appointments, and the giveaway I participated in this last weekend  on Instagram, things  have been a little crazy! Speaking of Instagram, if you have one then you should follow me! I post more outfits on there throughout the week that are a little more candid compared to my photo shoots with the hubs on the weekends :)

We saw Pitch Perfect 2 this last weekend and it was really funny! Not quite as good as the first of course, but still made me luagh :) and I've always been a huge choir nerd so movies like that always make me reminisce about the good 'ol days :)

I got this gorgeous, unique blouse from the one and only Dottie Couture Boutique; not only are they affordable but they have tons of cute styles that you don't see in every other boutique, which keeps me coming back for more! (To my husband's dismay lol) not only do the colors brown and blue go well together, but the style of this blouse is very slimming and flattering around the waist.

Dottie Couture blouse, American Eagle jeans, Target belt, shoes (old), earrings from Brazil


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