Brazil! Brazil!


We just got back from our two week trip to Brazil Wednesday evening, and I already want to go back! It's so beautiful there and fun!

It was so nice visiting my husband's family for the first time, they are all so sweet and wonderful people.

We started the trip by going to Ubatuba, which is a beach town about 5-6 hours from his home town (Poços De Caldas, MG) it was nice and relaxing there, and the water was very warm and clear but I definitely felt like we were in the jungle lol! It is extremely humid to where nothing feels dry, and there are a lot of bugs! We got bit and sun burnt while we were there but it was still fun.

The rest of the time we visited friends and more family, and we even went paragliding! So much fun and so scenic :) and the food was amazing of course! Foods I ate include: Coxhina, pão de quejo, rice and beans, Brazilian bbq, pastel, brigadeiro, fresh juices, smoothies, sugarcane juice, corn juice, and dolce de leite stuffed churros!

It went by so fast, although there were things I missed about home I wish we had more time there!

Here are some pictures from our trip:

Bikinis 1, 2, & pink cover-up: Victoria's Secret, Hat: Burlington Coat Factory, Black Dress: The Rage Boutique, Black strappy swimsuit: Between the Seasons


  1. Love all of your pictures! Especially the one of you and Lucas on the hill and the straight shot of you in your hat! So cute! Can you link the website for that black cover-up dress! I'm looking for one.

  2. Thanks Kelly! It looks like the website is down right now but it's under dresses :)


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