Hair Must-Haves

Ok so I'm finally writing a post about my beauty must-haves! This will be a hair edition; stay tuned for makeup and skincare editions ;)  Keep in mind I have very dry, course, thick hair, so these products are more specifically for this hair type. I am VERY picky about my hair, so even though I damage it by coloring and heat styling, I use a lot of products to keep it tame and prevent breakage. Also, I get my split ends trimmed about every 2-4 months, and I only wash it twice a week to prevent further damage and frizz.

First off the list is this wonderful deep conditioner that I am in love with! And the best part is it's under $3!!! Seriously amazing stuff! If you have dry hair and haven't used it yet, you NEED to!!!

Next on the list is this awesome leave-in conditioner; When people rave about this product they are not lying! I seriously can NOT live without this stuff! Spray in your hair after showering before drying and you will notice how soft your hair feels and looks! It is a little on the pricey side, but luckily Target has been having a 2 for $20 deal vs. just buying one for $18, but either way it is so worth it!!!

If you color your hair like I do, then you definitely need a color protectant shampoo. I am icy/platinum blonde so a favorite of mine to use is this one below, but Color Care by Redken is also a great one that can be used for any hair color!

If you tend to have flat hair or you just want to give your roots some lift without teasing too much then this root pump mousse/foam is just the thing you need! I love SexyHair products, and this one is one of my faves :) Just spray into your roots before blow drying then use a round brush while drying to lift the hair. This product can be a little pricey as well but I tend to buy mine from Tj Maxx or Marshalls for a better deal.

Last but not least is dry oil; you definitely need this if you have dry hair like I do and you like to heat style; I use it right after blow drying before straightening or curling, and also after I'm completely done styling. It helps calm the fly-aways and leaves it looking shiny :) I've heard from many that Moroccan oil is great, but I am currently using this one below and I love it!

Those are my main must-have hair products for dry hair! What are some of your favorites?


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