Easy Breezy Beachy

Ok, can I just say how much I love living in a place where I can go to the beach in January!? Cuz I do. I absolutely love it. There are definitely things I don't like about California, but after being raised in WA and then living in Idaho and Utah for a few years, I have definitely missed living by the water. I hated being land-locked during my college years. 

This particular beach is in Santa Cruz, and it is a little more hidden then most beaches so it's never really crowded which is nice, and a lot of surfers come here that we like to watch as well as sea lions! Down the road a bit is this tiny Brazilian cafe that makes amazing authentic food, so we of course stop there and stuff our faces every time we come here :)

This maxi dress is like t-shirt material so it's super comfy and light and perfect to wear casual with a cardigan or jean jacket and sandals. 

Jean Jacket & Maxi: Wet Seal
Necklace: American Eagle


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