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Red Embroidered Dress

Hey everyone!

It's been a minute since I posted haha life has been busy so I haven't had much time for posts.
Summer has been pretty great so far, lots of time with friends hanging out, shopping, riding rollercoasters, etc. There have also been a lot of changes going on at work so that has been keeping me on my toes! 
My family was in town recently and we had a great visit with them! We went out to some of our favorite restaurants, walked along the beach in Santa Cruz, did the 17 mile drive (it was overcast :( but we made do), swam in the pool (my brothers are obsessed!) had a bbq with friends, and took the fam on a tour of Google :) 
I have a trip coming up in a few weeks and next weekend is my birthday, so this weekend I am pretty much taking it easy and staying in town, although I have seen a couple of movies, including Wind River, Logan Lucky, and Ingrid Goes West; I've also been doing some shopping :) Oh and as for my brown hair....I had a baylayage before, and I wanted t…

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